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The SSI Mermaid program provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to safely participate in the recreational sport of Mermaiding in a pool/confined water environment.


Online Learning: The first step in your freediving journey will start with an online course through the MySSI App. This course will provide you with the information you need to join us in the classroom and the pool.

Classroom Lecture: Before getting into the water, we will have a classroom session to discuss the things you learned online, examine some different monofins, tails, and tail types, and discuss other opportunities available to you after certification. At the conclusion of this, we will take a short exam and review together. 

Pool Sessions: Finally, we hit the water! We become familiar with our equipment, finning in our awesome tails, the breath-hold, and recovery. The first pool session is all about the warm and fuzzy of monofinning and wearing the tail. The second pool session is taking the knowledge you have learned and putting it together in a practical application of buddy skills and in what we call, Fun Skills, which are a series of skills that allow us to learn and practice while still having fun in the pool. Our Third session can be in the pool or in a confined water area with pool-like conditions depending on the weather.  We will review our skills from the previous days and have fun in a beautiful location (This is the time to bring out the cameras!). 


Student Prerequisites:
Minimum age: 12 years old.

Water Fitness: Should be able to swim 50m without stopping or assistance.

Duration: 10–12 Hours.
Depth Limitations: Maximum pool/confined water depth limit: 5 meters.


Requirements For Completion:
Complete the Mermaid final exam.
Complete at least two (3) pool/confined water sessions.

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