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Fluid Goggles

Fluid Goggles

The first affordable fluid goggles providing top vision, with a perfect ergonomic and sleek design!

Fluid goggles are a great tool to bring safety, relaxation and enjoying seeing underwater, without having to worry about equalizing the goggles, and without any depth limit. Our model allows to see underwater and on the surface too.

Being able to see on the surface, and not only underwater, is a significant bonus... It makes the pre-dive preparation more relaxed, and the surface protocol much easier in competition.

Underwater, once you get used to it (it takes a few sessions, just like when you start to use a noseclip), being able to see perfectly makes you feel more serene, especially in case of problem such as your lanyard getting tangled. Finally, for your fun-dives, you'll be able to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world without having to worry about equalizing a mask.

The width of the googles can be tuned with the 4 different size nose bridge delivered with to fit your specific face ergonomic.

Producing the type of tailor-made goggle structure we have designed requires a large investment for the injection mold, but this is the only option to offer goggles with double vision (underwater and on the surface), of optimal quality, with a perfect positioning of the lenses, unparalleled comfort, a killer design and still super affordable.


-Skirt and head-strap: top-quality silicon

-Structure: polycarbonate

-Lenses: 20mm PCX

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